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This Floppy Table is the coolest furniture we’ve ever seen

This plus-sized 3.5in floppy stores your coffee – it even has a working slide mechanism

The all-seeing eye of Stuff doesn’t often stop its firey gaze on home furnishings – but then, not every table is as awesome as the Floppy Table. Designed to look like the 3.5in disks of yore, it carries all your stuff in a handy (if not exactly portable) 27in by 25in coffee table frame.

Not only does it look like a 3.5in floppy – the Floppy Table even has an accurate working slide mechanism that reveals a hidden compartment. If you’re so inclined, you could even stash your USB drives in there, for a desk storage device that actually holds your data.

Want one? Brush up on your German and special order it through Neulantvanexel. And when you’re done doing that, furnish your home with our 5 of the best geek desks and 5 of the best geek chairs.

[Neulantvanexel via Core77]

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