EXCLUSIVE! Google Project Glass demonstrated in the wild at CES – details revealed

Google takes its super secret tech eyewear out for a night on the town at CES 2013 – and we've got all the latest details on the big G's phone-on-your-face

The elusive Google Project Glass has put in an appearance at CES – in a Vegas club to be precise. We got close up with Google engineer Adrian Wong and chatted with the designers behind the tech – and got the skinny on the specs', er, specs.

Seen close up, the Google Glasses look surprisingly stylish and solidly built. Voice controls are the main method of interaction but in a noisy environment – like, say, a Vegas nightclub – the specs sport a small trackpad on their side. Swiping on the finger-sized pad provides easy scrolling with tapping for selection. No sign of the rumoured head-tilt controls though, sadly.

We were also told that the Google Glasses' facial recognition is working – and that in the final product, it could be used to instantly access a person’s Facebook profile as you’re talking to them. While Google's employees were tight-lipped on the subject of battery life, the device was on – and filming – for most of the night, so expect a similar battery life to that of your mobile. All in all it looks and feels like it fits its US$1500 pre-order price tag.

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