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Lego Mario Kart: everything we know about Lego’s latest Nintendo collab

Lego Super Mario Kart is racing to store shelves and your grubby mitts in 2025

Lego Super Mario Kart

Lego Super Mario Kart is zooming its way to us. Alert folks might have realised something was up on watching the Lego Super Mario Day stream and noticing it started with: 3, 2, 1… Let‘s-a go! But the good bit was at the end. You can skip to it here:

Exciting, eh? Thing is, this being a Stuff ‘everything we know’ piece, we’re duty bound to outline what we know. And… it’s not much. That video includes a slogan (‘Ready, set, build’) and a date (‘Racing in 2025’), and a Lego kart silhouette. Bah.

We could end this article right here. But at only 100 words and change, the editor would force us to play Oric games for a week as punishment. So let’s instead don our prediction pants and wishlist waistcoat to speculate on what Lego Mario Kart might be – and what we’d like to see.

What we want from Lego Super Mario Kart

Lego Bowser could indicate what Lego Mario Kart will be like

We liked Lego Super Mario on launch, and are impressed by the line’s staying power. There have been loads of great sets, and a recent one might hint at the sort of thing we’ll get in Lego Super Mario Kart: Bowser’s Muscle Car Expansion Set ($29.99/£24.99) (aka an excellently affordable way to buy brick-built Bowser, without spending a fortune on a massive flagship set).

Imagine that scale, with varied kart designs into which you plop Lego Super Mario incarnations of Mario, Luigi and Daisy, or brick-built folks like Yoshi, and you’re there. But! What else could Lego and Nintendo concoct? These things:

  1. Lego Mario Kart brick-built tracks: Or at least track parts. Entire tracks would be colossally expensive at Lego Super Mario scale, but roadside elements evoking the best Mario Kart courses would be ideal.
  2. Digital Mario Kart magic: Lego Super Mario bridges the gap between physical and digital. Nintendo’s done that elsewhere too, with Home Circuit. Now imagine Home Circuit meets Lego. Nom.
  3. Lego Super Mario minifigs: Ha! Just kidding, because someone at Nintendo/Lego hates you, given the lack of a Mario CMF series. Judging by the trailer, it’s chunk-o-Mario or nothing. A pity. We’d love to see minifig-scale Mario Kart lawks in our Lego city streets. But it’s not going to happen.
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