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Everything Samsung just announced at its Galaxy Note 20 event

It's not just Notes: a new Galaxy Fold, wearables, and tablets too

Even in a pandemic-twisted year, August means the arrival of a new, stylus-packing Galaxy Note phone… as leaks hinted at for months and months.

But that’s not all that Samsung took the wraps off of today, with two Galaxy Note 20 models flanked by another super-premium phone, tablets, and fresh wearables.

Didn’t watch the stream? Here’s everything you need to know about Samsung’s latest collection of desirable devices.

1) Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G

1) Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G

This is the latest full-bodied Galaxy Note and a successor to last year’s Note 10+, not to mention this year’s Galaxy S20 Ultra.

It’s a big beast of a top-end smartphone, with a 6.9in curved QHD+ screen with an adaptive 120Hz refresh rate, not to mention the flagship Exynos 990 processor and 12GB RAM alongside. It also has the same kind of enormous 108-megapixel main camera sensor alongside a pair of 12MP pals on the back, and a beefy 4,500mAh battery to keep you humming along all day.

The Note 20 Ultra 5G will start at £1,179 and be available in Mystic Bronze, Mystic Black, and Mystic White.

2) Galaxy Note 20

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and 20 Ultra early verdict

As with last year, there’s a "standard" Note model that isn’t as extravagant – and this time around, Samsung has opted for a flat screen on the base Note 20 as opposed to the curvy alternative on the Note 20 Ultra 5G.

This 6.7in AMOLED panel is also limited to FHD+ resolution and just a bog-standard 60Hz refresh rate, which ought to bother some Samsung fans given the starting price of £849 for 4G and £949 for 5G, not to mention the year (2020, ahem).

The Galaxy Note 20 also trims down the RAM to 8GB and loses the 108MP main camera on the back for a 12MP/64MP/12MP setup, with a slightly smaller 4,300mAh battery onboard. It’s available in Mystic Green, Mystic Bronze, and Mystic Grey, and both Note 20 models will roll out on 21 August.

3) Galaxy Z Fold 2

3) Galaxy Z Fold 2

The Galaxy Fold is back with more than just a "Z" and a "2" along for the ride. The redesigned handset packs some significant enhancements, including nearly edge-to-edge screens on both the outside and inside.

The outside screen is a tall 6.2" screen with a punch-hold camera design, rather than the odd little external screen of the original Fold, while the larger 7.6in inside tablet-esque screen doesn’t have the big, chunky camera module in the upper right corner now.

Samsung says it worked with Google and Microsoft to try to optimise the foldable phone experience for this second attempt, which will come in Mystic Black and Mystic Bronze. There’s no price point set for this sequel, however, nor is there a release date. They will also be releasing a limited Galaxy Z Fold 2 Thom Browne Edition, by the way.

4) Galaxy Buds Live

4) Galaxy Buds Live

Don’t eat these beans! They might look like glossy candy, but Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds Live are actually just unique-designed wireless earbuds that look to fit comfortably within your earholes.

They don’t protrude from your ears, although there are optional wingtips included if you please, while a 12mm speaker and bass duct deliver strong audio and active noise cancelling keeps the outside world… well, out.

They’re Samsung’s distinctive answer to Apple’s AirPods Pro, albeit at a much lower price of £179. They’re available from 21 August in the UK in Mystic Bronze, Mystic White, and Mystic Black

5) Galaxy Watch 3

5) Galaxy Watch 3

The best smartwatch that isn’t an Apple Watch just got a refresh today with the launch of the upcoming Galaxy Watch 3. It keeps the unique rotating bezel design as its predecessors, but is slimmer and lighter while packing in a larger display and new sensors.

The Galaxy Watch 3 may give the Apple Watch Series 5 a run for its money thanks to features such as blood oxygen readings, fall detection, and blood pressure monitoring and electrocardiogram (ECG) readings in approved regions. It’ll start at £399 in the 41mm configuration and £419 in 45mm.

6) Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+

6) Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+

Samsung’s answer to the iPad Pro still looks a whole lot like an iPad Pro… but there are enhancements over last year’s tablet. Both the 11in Galaxy Tab S7 and 12.4in Galaxy Tab S7+ will come with a 120Hz refresh rate like the Galaxy S20 series and Note 20 Ultra, giving you silky-smooth animations throughout.

The S Pen connects onto the back of the tablet and sees its latency dramatically reduced by the implementation of the 120Hz refresh rate. Available in Mystic Bronze, Mystic Black, and Mystic Silver, the Galaxy Tab S7 will sell for £619 (Wi-FI)/£719 (4G) and the Tab S7+ will sell for £799 (Wi-Fi)/£999 (5G). It’s also available from 21 August.