News lets you live forever (sort of)

On the Internet, that is. The project aims to create a digital copy of you that people can interact with, long after you're gone lets you live forever on the Internet

Fancy leaving a digital self behind when you kick the bucket? aims to let you do just that, creating a virtual avatar that will respond to interaction from your loved ones.

A startup that came out of MIT's Entrepreneurship Development Program,'s concept sounds both pretty amazing... and a bit weird and morbid, too. Charlie Brooker has explored the possibilities and pitfalls of such an idea better than we ever could in Black Mirror episode 'Be Right Back'. (It's well worth a watch, by the way.) 

Its creators frame the service as a way of leaving a legacy behind, though its means of creating that legacy does trigger some questions about privacy. The service will take information from your social media profiles, and then cobble it all together to 'emulate' who you are.

It's not just the information the avatar relies on; you will also need to periodically interact with your avatar to help make it more realistic.

You want to live forever? lets you live forever

Now, what would your avatar mean for the people you leave behind? The service aims to allow them to interact digitally with your avatar, something like "a Skype chat from the past", so says's makers.

As yet, there is no working demo of the service, and the website has scant information besides the notion behind it.

You can sign up at the website to apply for's private beta, though it's only expected to start in 2015 with a tentative launch in 2016.

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