The electric monkey bike of your dreams is here

Get a Motochimp…an zee where you end up

Oh, it’s replulsive. And yet… something.

Well, get used to it. From tracking your driving using special apps to threatening to trawl social media channels, rumour has it that insurance companies are now not only going to decide your premiums based on your lifestyle, they are going to supply you with a vehicle that suits your aptitude. And, after a good long look at your Instagram, they’ve suggested this for you.

What?! Not really?

No, not really. Though a fine choice for urban transport it would be. Styled somewhere between one of those knee-cramping micro bikes and a Honda Motocompo from the 80s, the Motochimp is a (strictly) single seater electric scooter. A top speed of 30kmh, a range of 60km and a charging time of an hour all sound like useful numbers. The US$2000 price isn’t too horrowshow, either.

But this is a Far Eastern curio, surely? Ne’er to be seen hereabouts?

Yes and no. The Motochimp’s creator is the Singaporean company Vanda Electrics, it has been announced at the Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair and it will be first sold in Japan. But, Vanda says Europe and UK will follow – although our ebike regs will probably bring that heady 30km/h down to a more manageable 25km/h. Neither we, nor your insurance company, want you getting in too much trouble, do we?