Double the power for Dell's new gaming beast

How do you make a faster gaming PC than one already running NVIDIA's steaming GeForce 7800 card? Shoehorn in a second one like Dell's insane new XPS 600 - the most powerful gaming machine we've ever seen

This is the XPS 600, the latest in Dell's line of ultra high end computers and the most powerful gaming PC we've seen.

It's the first to feature a new bit of tech from NVIDIA called scalable link interface (SLI) which basically allows video and graphics info to run around the system at crazy speeds.

The other driving force behind the 600 isn't a first, but it is a killer combination: dual-core Pentium 4 processors and two NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTX cards with 256MB memory a-piece. Dell reckons this duo make the computer a breath-taking 150 per cent faster than its previous XPS systems.

You can spec the rest of the computer to your liking, but it starts at £1400 with a gig of RAM, 250GB HD and a DVD writer.

The XPS 600 is on sale later this month.