Coolest cooler really is the coolest of coolers

One man’s do-it-all coolbox has sparked one of the most insanely successful Kickstarter campaigns of all time
Coolest cooler

It’s a coolbox. I already have a coolboxYou don’t have one like this, buddy. The Coolest is almost insanely well designed and packed with more than just a lot of ice cubes.

What do you mean?Where to start? Well, it has a rechargeable battery inside that powers a number of potentially picnic-enhancing functions: interior LED lighting to help you successfully dig out the last can of beer at the end of the night; a removeable, waterproof speaker that’ll play tunes from any Bluetooth-equipped device; a dual USB charger for topping up phones, tablets and cameras; and a blender! A blender, for heaven’s sake!

Wheely, wheely good

Whoa, OK. What else?The lid holds a ceramic knife and a supply of plastic plates (that also doubles as a chopping board), and the main cooler itself can be divided in two sections: you can fill one with ice for drinks, while the other remains dry for sandwiches and other stuff you don’t want getting soggy. There’s an integrated bottle opener too.

And…?Lastly, the Coolest has a huge pair of wide wheels so you can easily move it from your car to your campsite. And there are bungees included, allowing you to lash on things like folding chairs and tents and pull them too. We think that’s everything.

The Coolest's Bluetooth speaker and bottle opener

Who dreamt up this heaven-sent contraption?Portland, Oregon-based inventor Ryan Grepper, who’s just put Coolest on Kickstarter in an attempt to bring it to mass production. He’s looking for US$50,000.

How’s he doing?Not bad. Not bad at all. At the time of writing Grepper has amassed over $4,700,000 in pledges – which makes Coolest one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns of all time. And there are 45 days left before it ends.

How much do I need to pledge to get one?If you’re in the US or Canada, it’s US$200 including shipping (£120). For those elsewhere, it’s a total of $285 (£165). There’s an estimated delivery date of February 2015, but given the huge number of backers we wouldn’t be surprised if it takes a little bit longer.