The CES Hot 10

Meet the 10 gadgets that rocked our week in Vegas

And, relax: it’s just about over for another year.

No, not Christmas - we’re talking about CES, the gadget extravaganza that every year descends on Vegas to deliver its bumper haul of shiny, new tech.

As the pixels settle on yet another year’s gadget marathon, it’s time to make head and tail of the tech that emerged from beneath closely guarded wraps in 2017.

The good news? We’re here to offer up the 10 hottest bits of kit we saw on the Vegas show floor.

LG makes a paper-thin OLED TV

We’ve been big fans of LG’s OLED sets since they launched - and the Korean manufacturer’s Signature W telly is easily its prettiest yet.

Oh, sure, it’ll do 4K HDR without breaking a sweat, not to mention Dolby Atmos support via the bundled soundbar, but the real beauty of the thing is how preposterously thin it is.

Despite packing a 77-inch display, it’s just 2.57mm deep. Oh, and it mounts flat against the wall using magnets. Wondering what that ‘W’ stands for? It’s wallpaper.

Motiv puts fitness on your finger

Like them or not, wearables are here to stay - and there’s no better evidence of just how much they’re entering our lives than this clever ring from Motiv.

A fully fledged fitness tracker, slip it on a digit and it’ll measure your heart rate, track your steps and sense your sleep - all for the cause of motivating you towards 150 minutes of activity per week.

More impressive, still, is the purported battery life of up to 5 days, thanks to a bespoke cell that fits within the curved shell. Rumours of a diamond edition are unconfirmed.

Misfit makes a proper fitness smartwatch

Accomplished wearable-maker Misfit is back at it, with arguably its best tracker to date. Meet the Vapor: a properly clever ticker equipped with on-board GPS, a heart rate monitor and a two-day battery life.

Cooler, still, is the virtual bezel, which functions as something of a scroll-wheel around the circular AMOLED display. It’s different and, if it works, could set the Vapor apart from kit such as the Moto 360.

Given the form of previous Misfit kit - including the Shine and the Ray - we can’t wait to give the touchscreen Vapor a try.

LG puts robots in your home

Yes, there’s a chance that they’ll overrun our planet and turn us into their human slaves - but, for now, these curvy little critters are a properly cute way to connect you smart home kit.

With Amazon’s Alexa voice tech inside, the Hub Robot can do it all - from adjusting the thermostat to dimming the lights. When you’re not heckling it, it’ll show updates, reminders and more on its face.

Before you start worrying that it’s merely a dressed-up Echo, just know that the Hub ‘Bot is aware of your movements and can recognise people with unique greetings - not to mention its army of assistant mini-robots.

Razer creates a three-screen gaming laptop

If your first question is “why”, Razer's answer is surely “why not?”

Roughly as deep as two Razer Blade Pros, Project Valerie weighs around 5.5kg - which, given the two displays it sprouts at the touch of a button, is surprisingly lightweight.

What could one do with a triplet of 17-inch 4K displays? Well, besides dabbling in day trading and becoming a master of multi-tasking, it ought to give you all the screen real estate you’ll ever need to supercharge your on-the-go gaming.

It’ll also be a boon for creative types, given the 24,883,200 pixels on offer - all of which are 100% Adobe RGB colour accurate.