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CES 2015: Nvidia Tegra X1 is the world’s first teraflop mobile processor

Twice as powerful as the Tegra K1, it’s coming to self-driving cars as well as smartphones and tablets

Nvidia kicked off its CES by announcing a brand new mobile processor – the first to pack a full teraflop of processing power.

The Nvidia Tegra X1 is the size of a thumbnail, but features 256 cores and as much power as a house-sized supercomputer from 15 years ago. It uses the same Maxwell architecture as Nvidia’s current crop of high-end gaming graphics cards, and the company says it will begin arriving in products during the first half of this year.

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang talks Nvidia Drive at CES 2015

In the future, the Tegra X1 will be used to power self-driving cars. Nvidia’s Drive PX system will employ two X1 processors, which will wrangle up to 12 high-resolution cameras allowing cars to self-park and build a full picture of their surroundings. Drive PX will feature Auto-Valet, a system that will automatically locate a parking space and manoeuvre your car into it – then bring it back to you when you’re ready to go home.

There’s also Drive CX, a cockpit computer capable of running digital instrument clusters and infotainment systems. Powered by either the Tegra K1 or X1, Drive CX can power up to 17 million pixels – more than ten times the amount in current high-end in-car computers.

[Source: Nvidia]

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