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CES 2015: Gibson’s Trainer headphones have built-in night-running lights

Bluetooth headphones designed with Usain Bolt are dripping with ingenuity

It was a vintage CES for the launch of headphones. In addition to Philips’ Lightning port-exploiting, battery-less, noise-cancelling NCL1, we’ve seen a set of cans with a built-in VR headset – and now, here’s a set of sports headphones developed in conjunction with Usain Bolt that are stacked with thoughtful details.

What’s more, they’re the first headphones to come from the Gibson stable. Given its history of making some of the finest rock ‘n’ roll instruments in the world, you might have expected it to have debuted a less clean-living piece of technology, but at least it has a vested interest in making something that sounds good.

On the inside of the Gibson Trainers’ headband, where the drivers connect to it, are a pair of buttons. Press them simultaneously and a second headband hinges out to provide additional stability on your jog. As you can see, the secondary headband makes very clear that The Fastest Man on Earth had some say in the design of the Trainers, but Gibson tells us that doesn’t mean they’ll stay on when you pull a sub-10s 100m. Assuming you do use them for exercise, the ear cups are removable and washable, and the drivers splash-proof, so they shouldn’t drown in your sweat.

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