CES 2011 – Android goes in-car with Parrot Asteroid

Parrot's Asteroid is in-car entertainment the Google way – an Android head unit

The new Parrot Asteroid is in-car entertainment the Google way – a stereo head unit running the Big G's Android OS.

Sadly the 3.2-inch screen isn't touch sensitive, but there's plenty of other things to get excited about. Firstly you can stream internet radio if you pop a 3G SIM in it, and it'll also stream music from your A2DP Bluetooth device.

USB means you can plug an iPod or USB key straight in for wired music, and as you'd expect from Parrot it's also been designed for hands-free calling.

It can also use geo-location services when combined with the supplied GPS dongle and a 3G SIM. That means live traffic info and Parrot Maps to tell you where you are.

Due early 2011, price yet to be decided.

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