Casio’s new G-Shock measures that sinking feeling

It’s like having a submariner strapped to your wrist

Help! I’m stranded on the beach!

Really? What you need, my friend, is the G-Shock Gulfmaster.

How’s that going to help me now? I need a boat.

There's no boat. But in light of your impending wetness, this is the first G-Shock to have a water depth sensor. Just the thing for diving under the sea.

Oh, no: I think the tide is coming in.

I hear you. Well, if you had foreseen this situation and equipped yourself with a Gulfmaster, it's other sensors would tell you about the tide, temperature and weather conditions. In fact - uh-oh - it's suggesting there's a storm on the way.



Lawks. I’m going to have to swim for it. I might drown!

Possibly. The watch will survive a dunking much more readily than you. It's water rated to 200m and, as with any G-Shock, it has been built to withstand the harshest of conditions. This one even has carbon fibre in its construction, the better to fend off the destructive effects of salt water. 

Still, we're rooting for you. And if you do make it, it might be worth splashing out on one of these Gulfmasters. The GWN-Q1000 can be on your wrist, sensing danger, for £700. Much cheaper than a boat.

Buy the Casio GWN-Q1000 here from Amazon