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These new G-Shocks bring Joy (and Fear) to my watch collection

G-Shock's latest Inside Out 2 collection is packed full of colourful emotions, making them the perfect watches for summer

It’s widely known that no watch collection is complete without a Casio G-Shock or two. They’re reliable and rugged, which means you can put one on in the morning and confidently wear it through any adventure the day brings. They’re also stylish and have the ability to transcend the socioeconomic scale.

As a summer watch, there’s probably nothing better, which is why I recently added two of the latest brightly coloured G-Shock releases to my collection (just in time for the heatwave).

These models are made in collaboration with Disney and Pixar to celebrate the release of Inside Out 2. As a big Pixar fan, I know these watches were for me.

If you haven’t watched the film yet (or even seen the trailer) Inside Out 2 returns to the mind of teenager Riley just as Headquarters is undergoing a sudden demolition to make room for some new Emotions. Yep, Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust, have now been joined by Anxiety, Envy, Ennui and Embarrassment.

The ‘Colours With Feeling’ collection is made up of ten models, each adopting a distinctive colour inspired by the emotion-themed stars of the film.

The collection includes GA-2100, GMA-P2100, and Baby-G models.

I’ve been reviewing the GA-2100-9A9ER, a vibrant yellow watch inspired by the character Joy. It’s also offered in turquoise blue (which I might also consider adding to my collection), bright pink, and pure white.

Popularly known as the Casioak, the 2100 series features the now-distinctive octagonal bezel. I found it exceptionally comfortable, being one of the slimmest G-Shock watches available. Both the bezel and band are crafted from eco-friendly, bio-based resin, which is reasonably flexible.

The bright yellow features really make it stand out, but, despite its monochromatic colour scheme, I find it remarkably easy to read.

Its quartz movement includes dual time and world time capabilities, while a built-in stopwatch and a countdown timer aid in various timing needs. Multiple alarms will make sure you wake up on time.

It’s undeniably a playful and enjoyable watch to wear – it brings to mind the vibrancy of a tennis ball (and who doesn’t like tennis balls).

With an RRP of just £99.90, I think it’s really good value as well.

I’ve also taken a look at the BGD-10K-6ER, which is a pastel purple Baby-G model inspired by the character Fear. It’s also available in hot pink, pure white and a more vibrant purple.

Despite its dinky size, it’s still completely shock-resistant, and features a colourful design inspired by late 90’s Y2K fashion.

It comes paired with a special clip, bright pink keyring case and strap, which allows it to be worn as a wristwatch or hung from the strap as a bag or as a belt charm.

This means you can also easily remove the strap it comes on, and replace it with a nylon strap through the fixed lugs, for a more ‘tactical’ look.

Press the light button when the watch is in Timekeeping Mode and a series of pixel-art animations appear randomly on the LCD display, kind of like a Tamagotchis without the responsibility.

It features a world time function, five daily alarms, and is water resistant to 100m. It’s a really fun watch, and at £69.90, perfect for children (or adults who haven’t grown up yet).

What I appreciate about these watches is that the Inside Out 2 branding is just on the marketing – there’s no mention of the film anywhere on the watch. It’s perfect if you’re a fan of the watch, but not a fan of the films.

Will you be adding a splash of Anxiety to your watch collection? Or maybe a dash of Embarresment? Check out the full collection on G-Shock’s website, then head over to Stuff’s guide to the best watches released in 2024.

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