Call Trunk app records your phone conversations

Get this cloud call recording service and your landlord will never screw you over again

As journos, we've got to be careful here – but we reckon most people would agree that recording our phone calls from time to time could be pretty useful and not, you know, evil. Calls with conniving relatives, estate agents and bored council admin staff could all do with being recorded every once in a while – if only for playback in our anger management sessions.

Step in Call Trunk, the call recording angel that lives in the elusive Cloud. Call Trunk charges you a couple of pence a minute for the privilege, with pre-paid top-ups, but in return you get all your call recordings stored in the cloud on your Call Trunk account.

There are free Call Trunk apps available on all the major platforms – iOS, Android and BlackBerry, but no Windows Phone yet. You can also swing by on your mobile browser to make the calls you need to keep track of. The mobile apps work with outgoing calls for now but Call Trunk's also compatible with Skype for any web-based video tantrums you're planning.

We're sold – the power-hungry part of us wouldn't mind keeping our own records of calls to the bank. For training purposes.

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