Bruvelo is the finicky coffee lover’s best friend

This machine's companion app lets you make coffee exactly the way you want it
Bruvelo is the most finicky coffee lover’s best friend

At the rate Kickstarter is going, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was created mainly to fund 3D printers, geek toys and coffee machines. Bruvelo is, yes, a coffee machine but it promises to be “simple, smart, and to do one thing - extremely well”.

This crowdfunded project is all about a machine that lets you go down to the minutiae when it comes to making coffee. You first start by choosing one of three ‘flavour profiles’: delicate, balanced or robust.

These settings will have different grind and brew settings to bring out the flavour in your particular bean of choice. For even more control, you can just hitch the machine up to Wi-Fi and then use Bruvelo’s app and use its Recipes function.

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Coffee, made your way

Bruvelo is the most finicky coffee lover’s best friend

You can then fiddle with temperature, the ground coffee-to-water ratio and the steep time for your particular bean.

The Bruvelo includes a ceramic burr grinder, a weigh scale that has an accuracy of 0.1g to carefully measure out how much coffee you need, and a coconut shell carbon block water filter.

Throughout the process, the Bruvelo maintains a 199F (92.8 celsius) temperature – or you can have the app maintain a different temperature if you choose.

Another interesting touch: while the Bruvelo uses a standard 01 paper coffee filter, it takes the extra step to rinse said filter before brewing begins.

How much for your very own Wi-Fi enabled barista? US$350 (£225) which, while not cheap, also includes shipping. Considering a really good espresso machine could cost about that or more, on paper the Bruvelo isn’t a bad deal.

It currently has a week left to hit its US$150,000 target and is at US$117,215. So go ahead and pledge if you want to boast to your friends about your perfect coffee machine.

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