British kit flies the flag

Are the Olympics and Diamond Jubilee stirring your British pride into a frenzy? Flaunt your patriotic side with our selection of the best Brit Kit

The combination of the fast-approaching London Olympics and Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee has resulted in steadily rising levels of red, white and blue patriotism. Flaunt your inner Britishness for all the world to see, with our five of the best Union Jack-emblazoned gear.

Sagemcom Sixty digital cordless phone (Union Jack limited edition)


Sagemcom's original Sixty digital cordless phone holds a special place in our hearts here at Stuff Towers. Its timeless yet minimalistic design earned a place in our Stuff 2011 Cool List, and this Union Jack edition features the same looks, retro sound effects and LCD touchscreen as the original. A no-brainer for talkative patriots.

Pure Evoke Mio Union Jack


Pure has managed to create a Union Jack-slathered product which avoids looking garish (we're looking at you Union Jack Xbox 360). Based on Pure's Evoke-1S, the Evoke Mio Union Jack serves up a DAB and digital FM radio with a leather effect front and rear panel as well as an AUX input jack, OLED display and an alarm to get you out of bed nice and early. That bunting won't hang itself up, after all.

Swan Union Jack kettle and toaster

£40 (kettle) £30 (toaster)

What better way to treat yourself to a traditional British cuppa and a couple of freshly heated crumpets than with this patriotic pair of kitchen appliances? Boiling water and carbonizing bread has never looked so… British.

Oakley Team GB Flak Jacket XLJ


Forget rose tinted glasses – these not-so-subtle shades offer interchangeable lenses and Oakley's High Definition Optics for different sporting environments. Whether you're cycling at full pelt or firing an arrow down-wind, you can rest assured that your eyes will be well protected from any pesky glare (or stray pigeon droppings).

Hunter Original Brit Boot


Ideal for proud British festival goers, these Union Jack emblazoned wellington's are crafted by Hunter – the original makers of the iconic boot – which would explain the rather steep price tag. It's also packing a 'plain moulded vamp', a rounded toe and caterpillar textured soles, which we assume are all good things in the land of wellie technology.

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