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BlackBerry Z10 dwarfs the iPhone 4S in leaked photos

RIM's not-so-secret phone is spotted in the wild once again, shoulder to shoulder with its iRival

RIM’s upcoming BlackBerry Z10 handset is doing its level best to steal the “most leaked product of 2013” award away from the Sony Xperia Z, with new leaked pictures showing a pair of Z10s rubbing shoulders with the iPhone 4S.

Business Insider‘s unnamed source claims that the BlackBerry Z10 has a rubbery back cover which snaps on in a similar fashion to the Samsung Galaxy S3‘s rear cover.

The Z10’s browser, meanwhile, is reportedly as fast as a desktop browser – coupled with the promising BB10 OS, is setting RIM up for a rather exciting reveal on January 30th.

Check out our BlackBerry 10 OS hands on preview (part one and part two) to whet your appetite ahead of the official launch.

[Business Insider via BGR]

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