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Asus’s Bamboo laptop gets official

Asus’s Bamboo–clad lappie has been on our gadget radar for well over a year. But now the Eee PC makers have confirmed an official June rel

There’ll be two models arriving in the summer – the 11in S6 and the 12in U6. Specs–wise, Asus is keeping tight–lipped, but last year there was plenty of speculation about what we could expect their eco–friendly laptop to pack.

Talk then was that we’d be seeing Vista inside with a components enclosure made of compress cardboard. The plan apparently is to make the inner plastic parts upgradeable so you don’t sling your wooden wonder on the tech pyre once you’re done.

In terms of price, we’re probably looking in the region of £900. You could get two and a half Eee PC 900s for that. Still what price environmental smugness.

While you’re saving up to go green, why not take a peek at our exclusive hands–on video review of the Eee PC 900?


Asus S6 and U6

Price: £TBA

On sale: June

Contact: Asus