Asus Eee Keyboard – more details unveiled

Asus's Eee Keyboard has already cruised into our Top Ten gadgets of CES. And now the Taiwianese tech tigers have unveiled full specs of the unique mac

As well as Windows XP Home and an Intel Atom processor, the keyboard will rock Bluetooth, wireless HDMI, a VGA monitor output and an HDMI output too.

There'll also be 16GB and 32GB versions, each with 1GB of RAM, according to our pals at Electricpig. Sadly there won't be any TV tuner under the hood, meaning its kind of hamstrung as a media PC, which Asus reckons punters will want it for.

There's no word on release dates, but while you wait, make sure you check out our hands–on with Asus's other top CES gadget, the T91 Eee tablet.