Archos HD Android tablet due for Paris/London launch on September 15

We've been anticipating Archos' Android tablet almost as long as that bleeding Apple Mac Tablet we keep talking about. But unlike Apple's mythical bea

At dual events in Paris and London, the Archos Android tablet will feature a 5in WVGA screen, HDMI and will pump out 720p video. There'll also be Flash support (yeah, hear that Apple, Flash support!) and a 500GB HDD.

It'll also have its own app store – AppsLib. It's a little odd given that there's already the Android Market for apps but then Archos likes to be different. It's a French thing.

Keep your eager gadget seeking eyes trained on for coverage from the event and a red hot hands-on with the device itself on September 15. And let us know: do you think Archos's Android tablet will be worth having or will Apple pip them to the post?