Archos 10 netbook – full UK price and release date unveiled

Having slipped out their first ever netbook yesterday, Archos has just passed us details of when we can expect to nab one and how much it'll hit our b

The Archos 10 will hit shelves at the end of the month, with a somewhat hefty £349 price tag. For that you'll get a 10.2in screen, Windows XP, a 1.3MP camera, four–in–one card reader, 1GB of RAM and 160GB HDD.

Archos says you'll get access to stacks of VOD content from their Media Club too, as long as you stump up £40 when you buy the netbook. But with BBC iPlayer already doing a roaring trade and costing nowt, we reckon you're best saving the cash.

The question is, do you stick with this, or go with the slightly pricier, but far slicker, Samsung NC20? Let us know what you think in the comments section.


Archos 10

Price: £349

On sale: January

Contact: Archos