Apple's WWDC set for 2 June - iOS 8, here we come

Mark the calendars boys and girls. We have a date at last
Apple's WWDC set for 2 June - iOS 8, here we come

Apple has revealed that its yearly Worldwide Developers Conference will kick off from 2 June.

As usual, it's taking place in San Francisco, and we haven't heard a peep from Apple about what we're going to see. Not that we ever expected to.

Still, there's still (potentially) plenty to get excited about. The big reveal of course, is iOS 8.

While we don't expect to see a massive UI overhaul like the one iOS 7 introdued last year,  we do expect Apple to reveal its long-leaked Healthbook app.

Expected to track everything from steps taken and calories burned, it takes health tracking to the next level with heart rate, blood pressure and even hydration levels, all wrapped up in a colourful Passbook-like card interface.

Last year's WWDC saw Apple show off iOS 7, iTunes Radio and the new cylindrical Mac Pro, as well as OS C Mavericks.

Rumours of a new Retina Display iPad Air have been circulating for quite some time now, so that's always a possibility too.

Developers who want to go to this year's conference can apply for tickets from today. They'll be randomly allocated and you'll can find out if you're one of the chosen ones on 7 April. Good luck!

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