Apple's new headphones make a great match for your Apple Watch Sport

The PowerBeats 2 earbuds are now wireless, as well as colour coordinated with new Watch designs

Apple has launched a new range of PowerBeats2 headphones with a wider array of colours - colours that happen to precisely mimic those of the Apple Watch Sport.

This could mean even more audio accessories in the works that focus on the color and design of the Apple Watches.

The Watch-coordinating colours available are blue, black, green, pink and white. The Apple Watch can store up to 2GB of music and with the new OS just around the corner, we can expect to see many more functions introduced.

The new PowerBeats2 headphones are also compatible with other Apple devices currently on the market. The headphones are available now at the Apple Store priced at £169.95 - far from cheap, but not hugely surprising for Apple or higher-end wireless headphones.                     

[Source: 9to5Mac]