Apple WWDC 2012: all the stories

We’ve rounded up everything Apple announced at WWDC and have it here in one place for you. Easy

Apple fanboys the world over are buzzing today after the fruit giant revealed its fastest, lightest, thinnest, and highest resolution MacBook ever. And then, for good measure, it took the wraps off iOS 6 and OS X Mountain Lion too. To save you trawling through the evening's news coverage, we’ve put it all in one place for you – right here.

WWDC 2012 – Retina Display MacBook Pro

On the throne of Apple’s announcement kingdom last night was the new MacBook Pro that, in a laptop world first, packs a Retina Display. Stuff’s editor Will Findlater was there and described it as, “something else – it looked utterly beautiful”.

Packing in 220ppi on the 15in screen, it’s little wonder the tech world's collective jaw was left hanging. And the screen has 75 percent less glare and 29 percent greater contrast – which was something of a throwaway mention, illustrating just how overpowering the other features are.

For example, this is Apple’s thinnest ever MacBook Pro at 0.71in – and its lightest at around 2kg – yet it can still manage 7 hours of battery life, powering the mighty Intel Core i7 and Nvidia GeForce GT 650M graphics card. But that wasn’t all Tim Cook had up his sleeve, oh no.

WWDC 2012 – iOS 6

iOS 6 is out this August, for free, and will bring your mobile or tablet a new version of Siri capable of answering your general knowledge questions properly while also opening apps on your request. Apple's virtual assistant will also be coming to the new iPad with the update – though iPad 2 users won't be getting Siri.

iOS 6 also features improvements to Mail including a VIP flag and inbox, better Facebook integration, FaceTime over 3G and a new Do Not Disturb function to block all visual and audio notifications.

You also get a new Passbook app to store all your plane tickets, loyalty cards and anything else with a barcode – which even works out where you are, so that if you're in Starbucks your Starbucks loyalty card pops up.

Read our iOS 6 guide for full details.

WWDC 2012 – Apple ditches Google Maps

The big news of the iOS 6 update sees Apple doing away with Google Maps in favour of its own high-quality 3D mapping service – powered by TomTom – that will offer navigation and a real-time, crowdsourced traffic monitoring service. You also get an amazing 3D Flyover view of cities with photographic textures.

Analyst Carolina Milanesi reckons this is a keen move to help Apple sell our movements to advertisers for more money. If we get a better service and an option to withhold our information, we’re cool with that. 

WWDC 2012 – OS X Mountain Lion

Apple's not neglecting desktop users either, taking the wraps off OS X Mountain Lion 10.8. The latest version of its desktop operating system, coming in July, brings an iOS-style Notification Center and Siri-style dictation to your Mac as well as a more intelligent Safari browser.

A new Power Nap feature will update your software and refresh your Notification Center while your Mac sleeps, while Apple's also adding AirPlay mirroring and the iOS Game Center to its desktop OS.

You also get improved iCloud integration – you can now sync calendars, emails, contacts, notes, messages and reminders between your Mac and iOS devices.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, with 200 updates in total – and for a mere US$20 for the upgrade. Or you can spend just over a grand and get it for free on the new MacBook Pro. Wow, we thought that would sound like a joke, but it’s actually tempting.

WWDC 2012 – MacBook and Mac Pro hardware refresh

The Mac range was dragged into the next generation too with the MacBook Air line and MacBook Pros all getting Intel Ivy Bridge next generation processors.

But there was no mention of the 17in MacBook Pro – the big daddy of the line has been discontinued. Perhaps the steadfast efforts of Ultrabooks have pushed Apple to compete on that playing field with more strict rules for portability.

Sneaking out without a mention in the keynote was a refreshed version of the Mac Pro, getting the new Intel treatment in a 12-core i7 packing tower that can manage up to a staggering 64GB of RAM.

WWDC 2012 – Accessories

Apple slipped a couple of new accessories in under the radar, launching a new iPad Smart Case that provides all-round protection for your slate. Also launching at WWDC were new Thunderbolt accessories in the form of a Thunderbolt to Firewire 700 adaptor, and a Firewire to Ethernet adaptor.

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