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Apple iPhone 5 has 4in, 326ppi Retina Display

Apple unveils its latest iPhone – complete with a larger screen that matches the Retina Display found on the iPhone 4S

Apple has unveiled its latest wonder phone, the iPhone 5, at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts – and it comes packing a larger 4in Retina Display.

Despite its larger screen size, it packs in 326ppi – the same as the iPhone 4S – with a resolution of 1136×640. Apple promises that the iPhone 5’s Retina Display will serve up 44% more colour saturation – and claims that it’s the most accurate display in the industry.

Although it’s bigger, the iPhone 5’s Retina Display is 30% slimmer – a saving Apple’s achieved by integrating the touch sensors right into the display. That’s helped Apple deliver its thinnest phone yet, at a slimline 7.6mm.

That extra space means that the iPhone 5’s Home screen can pack in a fifth row of icons – iOS apps that haven’t been optimised for the larger display will appear with letterboxed black bars, shrinking them back down to the 3.5in display size found on the iPhone 4S.

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