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Apple iPad Mini will be 7.1in

The iPad Mini is almost definitely on its way – but just how mini is "mini"?

If you fancy a break from all the iPad 3 rumours today, but just can’t break that Apple addiction, you’ll be pleased to hear about the 7.1in iPad Mini coming later this year.

After a Samsung document leaked the iPad Mini we were all but certain the previous 7.85in iPad Mini rumour was true. Now venturebeat’s anonymous source is claiming that the iPad Mini will actually be a dinky 7.1in, with Apple snapping up the smaller-than-expected screens from manufacturers.

A 7.1in screen would make the iPad Mini stand slightly taller than the Amazon Kindle Fire and rumoured Google Nexus tablet that Apple needs to compete against. Of course, if Apple does reveal a Feel sensitive screen on its iPad 3 tonight, that could be a game changer that sets its iPad Mini ahead of the pack.

Check out our iPad 3 rumour round-up for all the stories ahead of tonight’s iPad 3 liveblog starting at 6pm GMT.

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