Apple, Google, Samsung and Microsoft could be fighting for sweat and temperature-detecting smartwatch tech

The four tech giants are rumoured to be circling around the company behind the Basis fitness tracker
Apple, Google, Samsung and Microsoft could be fighting to acquire sweat and temp

Basis describes its fitness watch as the world’s most advanced health tracker, and Google, Apple, Samsung and Microsoft are all apparently on the potential buyers list to acquire the company, according to Tech Crunch.

The Basis sets itself apart from other fitness trackers by packing in an array of sensors on its rear, including an optical blood flow sensor to track your pulse without the need for a chest strap, a perspiration monitor to measure sweat, and even a skin temperature sensor.

Microsoft has yet to enter the wearable tech race, but Samsung and Google have already left the starting line, with Google Glass and Galaxy Gear devices already out perched on people’s faces and wrists respectively.

Apple of course, has been rumoured to be working on an iWatch for quite some time now, and although we’ve yet to see the device itself, there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that it’s on the way.

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Recent rumours of an iOS 8 Healthbook app heavily point to a fitness-centric iWatch, and it’s even been rumoured that Apple is looking into advanced fitness tracking along the lines of blood glucose level detection.

If any of the big four do snap up Basis then it’ll be interesting to see just what magic they can squeeze out of the existing tech on offer.

Our wrists can’t wait.

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