50MP Canon EOS 5DS coming this week?

Rumour has it Canon will unveil its new pro-level, accuracy-focussed DSLR in the next few days
50MP Canon EOS 5DS coming this week?

Canon’s EOS 5D series is one of the most beloved DSLRs in the world. Since the 5D Mark II debuted in 2008, 5Ds have been the go-to cameras for thousands of professional and enthusiast photographers and videographers, who prize them for their full-frame sensor and full HD video capabilities.

Well, it seems a new 5D model, the 5DS, could be about to arrive on the scene – and tipsters say it’s packing a 50.6MP sensor.

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Don't call it the 5D Mark IV

CanonRumors.com has published the leaked specs for the 5DS and 5DS R (a variant that is 99.9 percent the same as the regular 5DS but removes the low-pass filter – more on that below), and they make interesting reading.

With a 50.6MP full-frame sensor, dual DIGIC6 processors and an ISO range of just 100-6400 and a maximum continuous shooting mode of 5fps, the 5DS appears to be a camera designed specifically with photographers seeking colour reproduction and detail above all other things. This isn’t a camera designed with wildlife or sports photography in mind, and it won’t be the best DSLR around when it comes to shooting in low light conditions – but if you’re shooting landscapes or architecture and want to preserve as much detail and realism as possible, it’s going to prove a powerful tool for doing that.

The 5DS R’s lack of a low-pass filter means that it’ll be able to capture even more detail than the “regular” 5DS (again, ideal for landscape photographers) but may be prone to the moiré effect that can happen when shooting repeating patterns.

It's worth noting that the EOS 5DS isn’t the EOS 5D Mark IV, crucially. That should be more of an all-rounder, and it’s believed that it will be announced later in 2015. We’ll keep you posted.

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