5 super powered running trainers

Strap these onto the ends of your legs and prepare to squint as you run faster than ever before

If you’re starting to flounder on those New Year’s fitness resolutions, these kicks should give you the boost you need to keep going.


From £90,

These are the most stable running trainer you can buy, says Teva. Using side pods as guiderails these support pronating, supinating and neutral runners alike. Plus the rounded heel lowers the point of contact and reduces leverage – meaning less energy spent between steps and faster breaking to acceleration times. When these launch in March (exclusively at Cotswold Outdoor) there will be three versions: the lightweight quick dry TevaSphere Speed (£90), the waterproofed TevaSphere TraileVent (£110) and the mid-cut heaight TevaSphere Trail Mid event (£120). All feature Teva Spider365 rubber grip soles and eVent technology to keep feet dry and cool. 

Adidas Boost


These neutral trainers use hundreds of capsules in the sole to offer maximum energy return. Not only are the Adidas Boost shoes bouncier than traditional EVA rubber trainers, they stay that way in extreme cold too. Pick up a pair from February 27th and remember to watch your head when running under bridges.

Nike Flyknit Lunar+1


Nike has already shown its Lunarlon cushioned soles work, so now it’s working on the upper part of the shoe. The result is the Flyknit Lunar+1 – it features an ultra-lightweight, virtually seamless top layer with adaptive supporting wraparound Flywire cables. All that and they’re Nike+ compatible too.

Reebok ATV19+

US$140 (£92)

The concept of squid-like protrusions on your sole might be alien – both feeling and looking – but that’s a good thing. These lugs each offer individual suspension and grip, making short work of sand, snow, mud and grass – hence the ATV moniker, inspired by All Terrain Vehicles. The top layer is just as impervious, made with ballistic mesh to keep water out and offer added support to the 28 degree angled lugs that keep you upright. We’d recommend sticking to the woods with these – unless you want to explain what they are to every person you pass.

Nike Lunar TR+1


A personal trainer built into an exercise shoe. Go anywhere and turn it into a gym using your iPhone app, with professionally taught classes, and biofeedback from the shoe’s motion and pressure sensors. It’s cheaper than a gym membership, and a damn sight less embarrassing for beginners. Read our full Nike Lunar TR1+ review here.

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