5 must-have apps for Euro 2012

We pick out the five in-form apps for your smartphone’s Euro 2012 squad…

Pundit clichés can drain your patience like the ‘energy-sapping Wembley turf’. Which is why we’ll be sticking them on mute and using this new web app instead. Like a Zeebox for sport, it draws on Opta stats to give you live player ratings, while offering a Twitter-style chat platform on the same screen. Write it off ‘at your peril,' Brian. 

Squawka £free (web app),

At home there’ll be your tournament wallplanner to consult, but for everywhere else you’ll need this elegant, informative app. Star your favourite teams and it’ll send you customisable push notifications on their progress. You’ll also be able to watch match highlights (from midnight after the match) with a £7 Uefa pass.

Official Uefa Euro 2012 (all platforms)

When you hear sweeping, uncorroborated match chat in the pub, correct the guilty parties with this Opta-powered stats-fest. It’ll map every Euro 2012 pass and shot live on a virtual pitch, and provide in-depth stats for every player. ‘Actually, Germany’s growing attacking threat is down to Ozil’s increasing influence in the inside left channel.’ Etc.

Euro 2012 Football Stats Zone £free (iOS)

There will be horrific occasions in Euro 2012 when you don’t have access to a TV. For these moments, this radio app is your emergency back-up. It’ll let you choose between the commentary teams of BBC Five Live, Talksport and Absolute Radio – or even Spanish stations for more ‘colourful’ goal reactions.

TuneIn Radio £free (all platforms)

Stranded in unfamiliar territory five minutes before kick off? This excellent pub finder will find the nearest watering hole showing the game, letting you search by match or your current location. Pub ratings also make sure you won't find yourself languishing in the local dive bar.

And the obvious...

Match pint £free (iOS),

With ITV and the Beeb sharing Euro 2012 TV rights, you’ll need both of these apps to see every game on the fly. Thankfully, ITV’s app has just been updated with live streaming, so its broadcasts of England’s games against France (11 June) and Ukraine (19 June) will both available on your iOS or Android device if your train decides it’s a good time for engineering works.

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ITV Player/BBC iPlayer £free (iOS, Android)