5 of the best iPad Mini cases

Small things need protection. Luckily, Apple's diminutive tablet has a choice of classy cases to act as its bodyguard

Belkin Quilted Cover with Stand


Yes, it makes us think of loo roll too, but Belkin's posh iPad Mini folder isn't just a 21st century filofax – its built-in stand will prop up your Mini, it has auto-wake magnets in the cover and it sells for the yuppie-lite price of £35. Now, do we want black, cream or ruby?

Overboard Waterproof Case


What's that? A waterproof case that will work in up to six metres of water? Not so tough now are you, H2O? Better still, should you accidentally get sand, mud or peanut butter all over your tiny tablet, you can just rinse it off. Right, we're off to play Angry Birds in the bath.

Proporta QuikSilver Neoprene case


You might argue that making a wetsuit for an iPad Mini is like installing iOS on a fish – pointless and ludicrous. But you'd be forgetting the surfer cred this black and blue zip-up Quiksilver case will automatically grant you. Gnarly. And rad.

Cygnett Armour case


You might have a pair of hands as safe as Ricky Ponting's, but you will still inevitably drop the iPad Mini. Or someone else will do it on your behalf. Cygnett's aptly named Armour is built to withstand a bit of rough and tumble, while its microfibre inner softly strokes that 7.9in screen.

Apple Smart Cover

£40, Apple Store

If you feel like sticking with Apple, the Smart Cover for the iPad Mini is the answer. It's magnetic so it sticks to the display and it folds up making it easy to stow away. It also comes in six fetching colours and it can even be personalised with laser engraving, if that's how you roll.

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