5 of the best drinks chillers

Keep your chosen beverage nice and frosty with one of these coolers: techy or quirky – we've got you covered

There are few things in life that disappoint more than an under-chilled lager – but thankfully there are plenty of ways to keep your beer (or wine, or soft drink) nice and cool. Here are some of our favourites.

Husky Union Jack mini fridge

£139.99, Drinkstuff

Yes, you guessed it – we’ve included this because it’s Jubilee weekend. But this mini fridge is plenty cool enough (no pun intended) to use all the time, regardless of monarchy-related anniversaries. There’s enough space for 40 cans or 12 bottles of wine, and it’s food safe too.

LG LFX31935


It’s hard to believe, but this fridge became one of the star turns of this year’s CES tech expo. Why? Because it features a special “Blast Chiller” section that can cool a room temperature beer, can or bottle of wine to frosty perfection in eight minutes or less.

Marshall amp fridge

US$200, Marshall

Don’t let its officially-licensed looks – including knobs that “go to 11” – fool you: this is no amp. It’s a beer fridge capable of carrying enough cans of Red Stripe to keep a whole crew of roadies happy.

LED ice bucket

£16.99, Drinkstuff

Turn your dining room into something resembling the set of a hip hop video with this tech-enhanced ice bucket, which employs nine blue LEDs to make your Cristal look extra frosty. You supply the minks, the ice (real and bling) and the dollar dollar bills, y’heard.

BrewCave walk-in cooler

$US6,349, KegWorks

We’re going to go ahead and call this the Holy Grail of beer coolers. With enough space for over 30 cases and four kegs of beer, its four inch-thick insulation keeps the entire “room” in a permanent state of absolute chillness. Which is what you’ll be in if you can stump up the necessary funds.