5 of the best BBQ gadgets

Make hay – or rather cook burgers – while the sun shines with these bits of grill-tastic tech

Summer is – or at least appears to be – here, so venture into the great outdoors and cook meat in the same way our forefathers did: over a fire. We have a few gizmos that give us an advantage over the gastronomes of yore, mind you – read on for five of the finest.

Hamburger press

£15, Roullier White

Nothing beats a homemade burger – except when they fall apart on the grill or don’t cook properly because of your cack-handed pounding. Avoid all that with this press, which compacts any minced meat (or Quorn, if you’re so inclined) evenly and tightly.

Brewsees sunglasses

£19.99, Firebox

We’ve all been there: barbecuing in the park and someone forgot to bring a bottle opener for the “brewskis”. Avoid broken teeth (there’s always one brave soul who tries) with these combination sunglasses/bottle opener. Their carry case even doubles as a bottle cooler.

ProQ Amigo food smoker

£109.99, ForFoodSmokers

Turn your suburban garden into a little bit of Texas with this smoker, which can slow-cook meat for hours until it’s beautifully tender and tasty. You just need to supply some wood chips. Yee-haw!

Perfect Everytime thermometer

£5.95, BBQ Bits

Give food poisoning and burnt-to-a-cinder sausages the old heave-ho with this cheap bit of stainless steel tech, which probes meat and gives you the inner temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. Features settings for pretty much any type of flesh you may want to cook.


US$139.95, KettlePizza

Add this to your 22.5-inch kettle barbecue and hey presto, you’ve got yourself a  proper wood-fired pizza oven in your back garden. It comes with a 14-inch steel pan, but you can add an optional stone base if you really want the authentic taste of a real home-cooked pizza.

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