4K video and 16MP photos are headed for your next smartphone

OmniVision's new CameraChip sensors will make sure the next movie you shoot is high-res and handset-made

We're not the type to get all giddy about camera sensors on their own but when we know OmniVision's new line-up will be showing up in smartphones and tablets before long we tend to pay attention.

These are the camera experts behind the 5MP sensor you'll find in the latest Apple iPad and also the iPhone 4 – though it was snubbed by Apple for Sony when it came to the iPhone 4S' photo skills. So what has OmniVision got up its sleeve for 2012?

Well, 16MP stills with a burst mode to start with – but the real star of the show has got to be the sensor's video abilities. Soon we'll all be shooting 4K2K video with our smartphones – that's four times 1080p video. You'll be shooting at a silky smooth 60fps at a resolution of 3840x2160 or 30fps at an insane 4608x3456 hopefully before the year is out.

All we need now is some easy-on-the-eye handsets with the processing grunt and lenses to do OmniVision's sensors proud – iPhone 5 movie powerhouse anyone?

Via The Verge

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