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Nest Thermostat E brings temperature controls without the faffing

Feather one's own Nest

Nest’s smart thermostat is still one of our favourite connected heating devices. We have two tiny gripes though, firstly it costs £220, and secondly, it needs to be installed by a professional, making it seem all too much like hard work. Enter – Nest’s Thermostat E released earlier this year in the US which does away with all of the faff. You can install it yourself, the unit is freestanding rather than wall-mounted, and it’s powered from the mains rather than requiring batteries. This all means you can be up and running in under an hour, and at £200, you can save yourself a few £’s too. The Thermostat E doesn’t display as much information as its predessor (which will still be on sale), but all the features are available via the same app, and it will of course work with voice assistants like Google Home. It also comes eqipped with occupancy, ambient light, and temperature sensors, is pre-programmed with a schedule based on European usage data, and will learn your habits over time and send a monthly summary email. It’s available to pre-order now, for release mid-October.