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A new Alexa skill brings support for the latest Google Nest devices

Knock knock. Who's there? Alexa.

Alexa skills

Kitting out a smart home can be a nightmare of a task. Which hardware do you opt for? Which ecosystem do you choose? And which smart speaker should you invite through your doors? With some products not supporting certain voice assistants, it can all get very confusing. Google has just taken a step to make things a little easier, though.

With a new skill for Alexa, Google is opening up the doors and letting you control your Nest products from Amazon’s smart assistant. Once the skill is set up, you’ll be able to yell at Alexa (or ask her nicely) to control your Nest cameras or doorbell.

After setting up your Nest device in the Google Home app, you can head to the Alexa app and set up the Google Nest skill. From there, you’ll be able to use your Alexa device with compatible Nest devices. These devices include any of the 2021 products. Specifically, the Nest Cam battery (outdoor and indoor), Nest Cam wired (indoor), Nest Cam with floodlight, and Nest Doorbell battery. It’ll also support future product launches.

Unfortunately, the skill lacks support for older Nest cameras or doorbells. You’ll have to stick with Google Assistant for now. Luckily, existing Google skills, such as the one for Nest’s thermostat, will remain unaffected, so you can keep using them.

With the skill, you’ll be able to view camera livestreams on the Echo Show, Fire TV devices, and Fire Tablets. You can also use two-way talk on any Alexa device. Google promised support for Announcements is coming soon, but you can’t currently use the feature.

Google’s new Alexa support is a welcome change. It means newer Nest devices can be controlled by both Alexa and Google Assistant, giving you more flexibility in which smart speakers you buy. Sadly, there’s still no Siri support with HomeKit. It’s a shame the skill only supports more recent devices, as this cuts out a large number of users. Still, good on Google for (sort of) embracing the openness of its ecosystem.

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