25 best music making gadgets

Whether you're a heavy metal machine, a jazz hepcat or a synth wizard, you'll be able to make some noise with these musical gadgets

Line 6 James Tyler Variax JTV-59


The flagship of Line 6's digital guitar tech range, the Variax uses digital modelling to emulate the sounds of classic axes, from Telecasters to Les Pauls. It can even model different tunings and place a "Virtual Capo" anywhere on the neck.

Ever wanted to stick a P-90 on a Strat? Hook the Variax up to your computer and you can also customise guitar sounds with Line 6's Workbench software, mixing and matching sounds from different guitar bodies and pickups.

As well as the Les Paul-styled JTV-59 model, there's also the Strat-alike JTV-69 and the 80s-esque JTV-89, for those hair metal fans among you.