Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2020: 15 gadgets gift ideas for less than £50

Ideas to say cheers to your mum this March

Aren’t mums magnificent? Whether makers or bakers, musicians or physicians, writers or cage fighters, the ladies that raised us are really pretty special.

Sure, your mama might regularly berate you for your biscuit addiction. And, yes, she still threatens to sell you to the ‘naughty munchkins’ market when you won’t go to bed. Even though you’re 28. But that’s all because she cares.

And, while it shouldn’t take a calendar alert to show your mother some gratitude, March 22 is as good a day as any to tell her that you’re thankful.

Stumped for that special something? From backpacks to books to bottles, this list of gifts should have something to make every mother smile this March. Unless she really does love those petrol station gift cards. In which case, you know what to do.

Huawei Band 3 Pro (£50)

Born to a competitive matriarch? Give her the gift of endless goals with this affordable fitness band from Huawei: whether swimming, running or plain old steps, set daily aims and watch as your born-a-winner mum marches off to trounce the target.

Equipped with an AMOLED touch display, continuous heart rate monitoring and built-in GPS, she won’t want for extra features, while a 12-day battery life should be sufficient to keep up with your mum’s constant quest for more. There’s sleep tracking tech, too – so even slumber could become a sporting pursuit.

Fresh ’N Rebel Rockbox Bold XS (€40)

She might be a 70s kid, but no mid-life meltdown can excuse your mother’s renewed obsession with Donny Osmond. Can’t bear another rendition of Puppy Love? Gift her this pocket-friendly speaker to keep the family stereo free from canine crooning.

Its compact form, waterproof build and 20-hour wireless battery life mean momma can stream the teen idol’s tunes wherever she goes. Which, much to your father’s chagrin, includes their long weekend in the Lake District.