Movado Bold Motion smartwatch notifies using lights rather than a screen

Minimal and classy, it's a smartwatch that still looks like a traditional timepiece

Apps and games can be hit-or-miss on the wrist, but smartwatches are pretty great for pulling quick notifications from your phone. Now Movado is getting into the game, but its smartwatch doesn't need a big, bright screen to get the job done.

The Movado Bold Motion is a smartwatch that still looks like a standard one in every scenario - well, aside from the bright and sometimes flashing blue or white LED lights that adorn the outer ring of the face. That's how the Bold Motion serves up its iPhone or Android phone-connected notifications.

It's all about simplicity: you'll get a vibration and little flash of lights when you have a call, email, message, or social media notification (all adjustable), or a time on the clock will light up as an appointment reminder. The Bold Motion also tracks steps, and appears to give you a heads-up on your tally in relation to the goal by filling up a certain percentage of the outer circle. It might look like nothing to the untrained eye, but you'll understand; and that's a large part of the appeal.

Movado built the Bold Motion in collaboration with HP, which just launched its "Engineered by" program for devices it helped bring to life. The Bold Motion reportedly gives you a week of battery life on a full charge, it seems, so there's definitely an advantage to keeping a bright screen off of your wrist - and it's water resistant up to 50 metres.

You'll be able to grab the Bold Motion for US$795; sites reported a price of US$695 earlier, but Movado now lists otherwise. The 44mm case is available either in stainless steel with a black PVD-finished bezel or an all-black finish. No word yet on when the watch will actually be available.

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