Does this emoji keyboard ring the death knell for language?

Probably not (0_o)

Are you fed up with constantly having to type out "embarrassed monkey hiding behind its paws in an adorable fashion"? Then do we have a solution for you.

Meet the emoji keyboard - a Mac and Windows-compatible wireless Bluetooth keyboard that's just like a regular keyboard, with the additional benefit (we think) of all the emoji's you'll ever need.

A dedicated emoji toggle button switches from the traditional letters of the latin alphabet, and replaces your typing inputs with all sorts of miniature expressions and objects. You'll need to instal some software for it to work, though it'll still function as a regular keyboard even if it's not installed.

Its creator, EmojiWorks, is offering three versions - 47, 94, and 120 emoji-carrying variants, priced at US$80, US$90 and US$100, respectively.

You can pre-order them right now, and should receive them in December, giving you enough time to whip up a modern, emotional letter to santa. Though we suppose he probably accepts emails these days too.

[via Gizmodo]