Whirlpool’s Smart Countertop Oven can identify your food and cook it just right

Cooking can be a piece of cake
08 January 2019 / 17:29GMT

At some point we’ve all burnt our food. Maybe we miscalculated the temperature, or it could be that time we left it for too long because we got swallowed up in a Netflix binge. Thankfully we no longer have to experience the heartbreak of a lost meal. Whirlpool's Smart Countertop Oven sets the time and temperature for you by detecting what food you’re cooking with an in-built camera. By using algorithms for different food types, the oven has built-in preheat times so you can get your food cooking as fast as possible. It only works with select foods both fresh and frozen, but it has a smart food thermometer that will ensure your grub is evenly cooked to perfection. With Google Assistant and Alexa voice activation support, and a ‘live-look-in feature that lets you watch your food cook in real-time, the oven ($799) aims to take all of the hassle out of, erm, setting a timer and paying attention to your pie... and it's due to be released later in 2019. 

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