Tag Heuer’s Connected Golf Edition smartwatch could help you hit a hole-in-one

Is it tee time yet?
09 March 2021 / 13:29GMT

To fit in down the golf course you used to need just three things: a fancy set of clubs, an expensive car, and nothing better to do with your weekends. If you want to stand out, though, there are worse ways to do it than strapping on Tag Heuer’s newly upgraded Connected Golf Edition smartwatch (£2100). Powered by Google’s Wear OS, its 1.39in OLED touchscreen can be used to keep score and track your shots, plus with more detailed maps of over 40,000 courses around the world it’ll now also make suggestions as to which club you should use for each one – a bit like having your own personal caddy on your wrist. With GPS and a heart rate monitor onboard it can track other more energetic sports too, while it’ll also handle all the usual call and text notifications that you need when you’re not mid-swing. Well isn’t your talent already enough of a handicap?