Misfit’s latest hybrid smartwatch is much cleverer than it looks

And you can wear it with a suit
21 November 2017 / 17:30GMT

Smartwatch feature sets are growing all the time, but the fact of the matter is that not everyone wants a glowing Mickey Mouse on their wrist. Misfit has been blazing the fashionable hybrid trail for a while now, and the Command ($149.99) might be its most desirable timepiece yet - classically analog in design, but deceptively clever. It has a busier face than the brand’s previous effort, the Phase, with more visible details and a sub-eye that contains little icons for each notification. If, for example, you receive a text or phone call, the corresponding graphic will light up to let you know. Like its predecessor, the Command can track your activity (or lack of), and there’s a button on the side that you can customise to perform different functions, such as activating your phone’s camera or pausing songs. And the cherry on top? It tells the time pretty well, too. There’s no release date announced outside of the US as yet, so keep those fingers crossed.