HYT's H4 Neo is a flashy ticker lit with fluorescent nanoparticles

When the clock hits 4.30 it’s glow time
28 April 2017 / 7:00BST

Time was, owning a watch with glow-in-the-dark hands was the height of sophistication. Nowadays, it’s all nanoparticles and microengineering. So it is with HYT’s limited edition H4 Neo: a new iteration of its existing, fluid-filled H4, the Neo comes equipped with two tiny purple LEDs. Push the crown at the half-past four point and you’ll fire a micro-generator (there are no batteries) that lights the LEDs and causes the fluid around the rim to glow like a neon tetra at a UV disco. That juice is packed with nanoparticles which, with the little lights, bathe the H4’s entire precise construction in lovely lumens.