Huami's Amazfit GTS is a cheap and surprisingly cheerful Apple Watch lookalike

Impostor syndrome
28 August 2019 / 16:11BST

Look, we love the Apple Watch, but they are a smidge on the expensive side. It's easy to see why some folks wouldn't be comfortable forking over that much cash for a piece of (albeit smart) wristwear. If only there was a more affordable option. Well, hold onto that though dear reader, and allow us to introduce you to the Amazfit GTS ($125). An inexpensive smartwatch that looks remarkably similar to Apple's baby, the Amazfit GTS features a 1.65in AMOLED display, a battery that purportedly lasts for several weeks, and a rather dashing aluminium body that's water resistant up to 50 meters. Aside from telling you the time and keeping tabs on your ticker, the GTS also has 12 sports modes that can be used to track workouts, and packs NFC support for contactless payments. It's currently only slated for release in China, but here's hoping it shuffles over to Western shores sooner rather than later.