Become an AR wizard with Litho’s iPhone-compatible controller

It'll make your Minority Report dreams come true
21 February 2019 / 16:16GMT

Chances are you’ve only used AR on your iPhone once. You made a badger dance across the kitchen, measured the coffee table (approximately), drew something rude in the sky outside your window and then promptly forget about it. But things might soon be different if Litho has anything to do with it. The nifty wearable might look like a tiny grey knuckle duster but when slipped between your index and middle finger it becomes a controller for everything from AR apps and VR games to real-world smart home devices. It’s packed with motion sensors, plus there’s a touch-sensitive surface underneath, meaning you can navigate and manipulate virtual worlds more precisely. Developers can buy one for US$199 now but when it goes on general sale, which will hopefully be later this year, the makers want it to cost half that. That dancing badger will be back and pulling off more complex moves in no time.