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Optoma’s new low latency 4K gaming projectors are next-gen-ready

The UHD38 and UHD35 can project images up to 300in in size

If you’ve managed to pick up one of the latest consoles, you’re going to want a screen to make the most of it. We’ve already pointed you towards our pick of the best TVs for next-gen gaming, but what if you’ve got even more wall to spare? Optoma’s latest projectors are all about big screen gaming. Both the UHD38 and UHD35 are UHD projectors that can deliver 4K/60fps gameplay on up to a 300in display with a 16.7ms response time. Built with low latency in mind, if you’re willing to drop down to 1080p you can expect a stupidly smooth 240Hz performance with just 4.2ms response time. 120Hz gaming is also possible, but the lack of HDMI 2.1 means you won’t be able to do so in 4K. Both projectors are HDR10 and HLG-compatible, and both have a one million to one contrast ratio with Dynamic Black, projecting a 16:9 image. Both also have a built-in 10W speaker, and 3D Blu-Rays are supported, if you’re yet to move on from that particular craze. The notable difference between the pair is in the brightness department, with the UHD35 rated at 3,600 lumens and the slightly pricier UHD38 projector coming in at 4,000 lumens. They’ll be available to buy soon.

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