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The Optoma UHZ66 does seriously bright big-screen 4K gaming

4K laser projector can hit 4000 lumens

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When we said big screen in this story’s headline, we really mean it. The new Optoma UHZ66 home cinema/gaming projector can project an image up to a colossal 300in across – you’d need a bank balance the size of a small nation state to afford a 4K TV that big. It also promises a 4000 lumens output from its laser light source, which should be enough that you can break out the popcorn without first closing the curtains and shutting off all the lights.

Other headline figures include a 500,000:1 contrast ratio, so pictures should have plenty of depth (as long as the sun isn’t shining directly on your projection surface). A sensible throw ratio of 1.4:1 means you don’t need a giant room to get the biggest image, and an external power supply also keeps the projector’s bulk in check, so it can be easily positioned on just about any flat surface. The firm reckons it’s 34% smaller than previous Optoma models.

A DLP projection system means it creates a UHD resolution image by pixel shifting and reflashing its mirrors multiple times each frame, but that’s good enough to earn a “true 4K” label from the industry bods that dictate picture standards. That tech is also great news for gamers: normally it’ll do 4K/60Hz at a fairly snappy 17ms response time, but you can drop down to 1080p for a lighting fast 240Hz refresh rate and 4.4ms response.

The compact projector has two HDMI 2.0 inputs, with one supporting eARC for hooking up a soundbar or surround sound system.

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There’s no need to worry about costly lamp replacements any time soon; the UHZ66 is good for 30,000 hours of viewing or gaming. It’s great to see Optoma use as much as 50% post-consumer recycled materials in the projector’s construction, too.

The Optoma UHZ66 is available to order right now, from most major home cinema specialists. It’ll set you back $2999 in the US, or £1799 in the UK – making it a genuinely tempting alternative to a more compact OLED or LCD TV.

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