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Loewe celebrates its 99th birthday with a gold-plated 77in telly

Gold standard

Most manufacturers acknowledge big birthdays with numbered products to match the annual count. Not Loewe. Never known for doing things the normal way, the German maker’s marking 99 years of A/V excellence by releasing a limited-edition version of its Bild s.77.

And while a 99in model would’ve fit the anniversary better, Loewe’s 77in OLED is still a suitably extravagant way to celebrate. Like the ‘standard’ Bild s.77 – if you can call a €12,000 telly standard – the Bild s.77 Edition is hand-crafted at the company’s Kronach HQ. The big difference between the s.77 and its commemorative cousin? Genuine gold-plated bits adorning the box.

On the back of the Bild s.77 Edition, well-heeled home cinema enthusiasts will find Loewe’s signature panel plated with the precious metal. As well as a message explaining the “love, care and attention to detail” with which it was built, each of the 99 sets will also receive a unique serial number engraved into the gold badge.

Need more metal? The top-end telly also ships with a gold-plated Loewe signature flag, plus a gold-plated brass ring front and centre.

Besides the shiny stuff, the Bild s.77 Edition is otherwise identical to the Bild s.77 already available in Loewe’s catalogue. And it’s a bit of a blockbuster: a premium OLED display with a 4K resolution, it supports HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision, with an integrated 2TB SSD for saving your favourite shows.

When you’re ready to watch, the Bild’s Kinematic mechanism rises to reveal an integrated 120W soundbar beneath. Fire up the Mimi Hearing Test app and Mimi Defined smarts will analyse and adjust audio levels in real time to suit your living room (and hearing levels). Assuming you stop polishing your £13K telly for long enough to actually use it, that is.

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